Goldair Airline Services belongs to Goldair Group of Companies and is active in representing international airlines in Greece. Beginning with its first exclusive representation agreement with LOT Polish Airlines in 1955, over the last 60 years it has gone on to create an impressive portfolio, making it the one of the most reliable names amongst GSAs*.

Today, Goldair Airline Services represents more than 24 airlines in the passenger & cargo sector through the provision of a full range of services and facilities with which to promote airlines in the Greek market. Along with its headquarters based in Athens, it also has offices in Thessaloniki and Heraklion, Crete, as well as a wide network of partnerships with all IATA and NON-IATA agencies in Greece.

Goldair Airline Services’ services, in terms of the airlines it represents, focus on analyzing the business environment, identifying untapped markets and promoting airlines. Through powerful marketing tools and customized development strategies, its experienced and specialized executives work towards strengthening the competitiveness of the companies it represents whilst its experienced sales team promote airlines’ services, maintaining daily contact with all travel agencies and transportation agencies in Greece with the objective of dynamically increasing sales.

As a GSA company, Goldair Airline Services possesses a modern infrastructure as well as all the means to provide for airlines’ smooth running and presence in Greece, including online booking and ticketing departments, accounting and financial services, specialized legal and IT departments. Goldair Airline Services endeavors to meet the individual needs of each company, with the same consistency and dedication that it has practiced since its establishment. Furthermore, in faithfully implementing the policy of each airline company, it is mindful of maintaining the high level of its services whilst keeping its international image intact.

*GSA = stands for General Sales Agent, as used globally in airline representation terms