As the first GSA Company in Greece, Goldair Airline Services has an international presence and owes a large part of its success to the common vision shared by its management, shareholders and dedicated workforce.

In acknowledging the fact that its own development is inextricably linked with the prosperity of the airlines that it represents, the company has developed a strategy which includes two levels of action, aimed on the one hand, at the company’s own business excellence, and on the other, at creating business relationships based on mutual respect and common benefits.

Internally, the company is constantly working to improve its services, faithfully   following international high quality standards and adopting the latest technological developments in combination with the necessary educational/training expertise. At the same time it maintains an individualized policy towards airlines the airlines that it represents, achieved through carefully studying their different backgrounds in order to design marketing strategies which are consistent with their corporate identity. The continuous assessment of changes in the Greek market, detailed information about the competition and the constant renewal of its services are the key means through which – as a successful GSA company – Goldair Airline Services achieves its objectives.  All of the above result in contributing to the company’s commitment to developing the excellent reputations of the airlines which it represents in the Greek market.