Goldair Airline Services’ commercial department is staffed with experienced personnel with specialized knowledge in sales and years of experience in promoting airlines in Greece. As GSAs (General Sales Agents), they undertake the sale and promotion of products and services for airlines that the company represents in order to establish their presence in the Greek market and maintain their international identity.

Market and business environment analyses along with a well-structured promotion strategy planned by specialized marketing and communications staff go towards creating competitive advantages with the objective of maximizing sales. Along with promoting awareness through all media channels and the Internet, Goldair Airline Services S.A.’s commercial department also focuses on establishing meaningful contact with travel agencies and transportation agencies. With a large network of agencies that covers the entire country and strong partnerships with all IATA and NON-IATA agencies, the company is able to achieve the full sales growth of airlines in Greece. Without incurring additional operating cost for the airlines that it represents, Goldair Airline Services ensures for their flawless operation in Greece, also providing BSP control services.

The services offered by Goldair Airline Services’ commercial department include:

  • Business data and competition analyses
  • Physical presence – thereby aiding in the systematic analysis of the local market
  • Pricing policy
  • Evaluationofairline’spotentialadaptationbased on competitionandtheGreekmarket
  • Identifying untapped markets on behalf of the airline
  • Experienced sales staff promoting the airline to travel agencies and freight forwarding companies
  • Detailed studies relating to the airline’s optimal customer awareness, promotion and competitiveness
  • Marketing proposals
  • Collaborating with all certified agencies with the ability to issue tickets through BSP
  • Equipped offices ensuring that airlines operate optimally